Why a pre-purchase inspection?

  • Save time, money and travel

  • Turns buyer beware into buy it aware

  • Valuable negotiation tool and Peace of mind.

Most shoppers who consider buying a used car take the same steps. First, they read reviews. Then, they find a car online. After a short test drive and some negotiation, they’re usually driving home in the vehicle they want. But should used car shoppers consider a mechanical inspection before they sign the papers? We think so, and we’ve outlined our reasons below.

Hidden Problems

While a simple test drive is a nice way to get a feel for a car, it’s no replacement for a true inspection from a certified ASE mechanic. Dozens of problems, even expensive ones, can be hidden on a test drive and not discovered until much later. That’s why we recommend getting an inspection on nearly any used car or truck.  The inspection process is vital, even though many shoppers avoid it due to cost or hassle. But inspections may not be as expensive, or as much of a hassle, as you might think.

Our same day inspections start from $110 give us a call today or make a appointment on line and save.  We have multiple inspection option for all types of vehicles. 

(Prices may vary) 

Carfax available for purchase on all vehicles after inspection

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