San Diego residents in need of automotive air conditioning repair services should consider Auto Tech Specialists since we are the leading in San Diego. Our experts evaluate, inspect, repair and recharge a car’s air conditioning system professionally. We are simply the best partner for all auto air conditioning essentials in the San Diego area. We are dedicated to quality and professional workmanship, hence we guarantee our customers prompt and reliable auto air conditioning services. Our team of certified specialists can handle all kinds of automotive cooling and heating needs.

As specialists in auto tech, we can repair all vehicle air conditioning system, from trucks, cars, MPV’s to vans. We diagnose and remedy all vehicles’ air conditioning faults that most auto dealers deem impossible. At Auto Tech Specialists we pride ourselves by offering quality auto air conditioning services at the most competitive price in town.

Our technicians are trained to handle a broad range of air conditioning systems and perform the necessary repairs accordingly to keep you vehicle’s air conditioning system at optimal performance. Whether the problem arises from a disintegrated o- ring, a broken seal, a loose fitting or hose, our team of experts can always be trusted to fix it efficiently and in time. We work hard to conclusively identify the root cause of the issue affecting your vehicle’s air conditioner.

The following is some of what we look at during our A/C Inspections:

  • Air conditioning compressor drive belt inspection
  • Components inspection for damage or leaks
  • Air conditioning compressor inspection
  • Refrigerant Evacuation from the system
  • System leak-down test

At Auto Tech Specialists recharge the entire system according to the factory specifications of the car. Their auto air conditioning experts handle all vehicles cooling needs so as to get the work done right from the very beginning. However, we perform only the services you request from us. If a vehicle’s A/C system is beyond repair, we’ll always advise our clients on the proper cause of action before proceeding any further. Once we are given the “OK” to proceed, we schedule and carry out the necessary services or repairs, delivering the car back to YOU in the best condition possible.

Auto Tech Specialists has earned an all-time high reputation amongst San Diego residents. We have the right combination of talent and equipment to suit our client’s everyday auto air conditioning demands. Come to us with any auto air conditioning issues and we will perform the necessary air conditioning repair. We have helped many San Diego vehicle owners to regulate their vehicles’ interior temperatures, and are more than willing to do the same for you!

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