Your car’s battery is essential to the lifespan of your vehicle – it’s your car’s source of life. Without it, your car won’t function. Like humans, there are several factors that can adversely affect your car’s heart. Cold starts, harsh winters, drastic temperature fluctuations, and water damage to entry points are real threats that can permanently damage your battery or corrode it into submission.

One of the easiest ways to maintain the health of your car’s battery is keeping the terminals clear of debris and residue. If you were to be in a situation where you need to jumpstart your car, then you will find that clear terminals will make the process easier.

Ensuring that your battery is properly installed will not only extend the life of the battery, but will also ensure that other components of your car aren’t damaged. Rattling or constantly vibration by a battery that is not properly installed will destroy your vehicle. Your battery can puncture components of your car when it rattles around, or it can cause damage to the terminals. It’s important to make sure your vehicle’s battery is in good health and is properly serviced on a regular basis. If you do not service your battery at least twice a year, then you may find yourself with a faulty battery in the middle of an unfamiliar road.

Here are other ways you will know that your car’s battery needs servicing:

  • Due to sulfation, your car’s battery will lose capacity to the point where it won’t hold a charge. It keeps dying.
  • Interior lights flicker or seem to stay dim.
  • If your battery case seems bloated, up to the point where it seems like it’s going to crack, then you will most likely need a new battery.

Car Battery Service Frequency

Without a good battery, your car simply will nоt start. With the increased emphasis on electronics, many modern cars demand even more from their battery. Even the most heavy-duty car batteries will lose their ability to store enough power over time. Depending on the chemistry of your battery, your battery will slowly lose storing capacity. Have your car batteries tested before significant changes in weather – right before winter and summer.

What’s Required When Installing and Servicing a Battery:

  • A fully charged battery that is properly rated and aligned with your vehicle’s electrical components.
  • Car battery terminal puller.
  • Box end wrenches, sockets, and other specialty tools.
  • Professional car battery connector cleaning tools.
  • and more.

Properly servicing a battery is a task that requires professional intervention. We offer comprehensive maintenance for your vehicles to ensure the health of your car’s batteries.

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