The more technology evolves, the more complicated problems seem to be, especially when it comes to electrical auto repair. Below is a few of the most common electrical problems in a standard car and details on how to fix them, or at least do as much as you can before taking it in to a professional.

Power Windows & Locks Won’t Work

Find the fuse box, typically located near the steering wheel under the dashboard, and check for a blown fuse. Replace any broken fuses and check for loose or broken wires connected to the fuse box. If the window still doesn’t work, take it in to an expert.

Windshield Wipers Won’t Move

Though the root to a windshield wiper problem may be as simple as a blown fuse, typically fuses don’t blow for no reason so it is suggested to look into problems with the motor. A seized bearing could be making the motor work much harder than necessary, or there could be some faulty wiring causing the problem.

For those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with motor or electrical mechanics, it is suggested to seek the advice of an expert. There are many simple electrical car repairs that standard mechanics can fix with simple adjustments and it may be much safer to rely on their expertise.

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